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Mô tả nội dung:

UNIT 1: FEELINGS 1A. Vocabulary
• Adjectives to describe feelings

I. For each photo, choose the adjective (a-c) that matches how the person is feeling. 1. a bored 2. a delighted 3. a cross 4. a relieved b surprised b embarrassed b confused b envious c envious c anxious c excited c shocked
II. Choose the correct words.
1. Tom watched TV all day. He felt confused / bored.
2. Linda made her little sister cry. She felt guilty / homesick.
3. Jack passed all his exams. He felt upset / relieved.
4. We waited for ages. We felt fed up / pleased.
5. Mia went to school wearing different shoes. She felt delighted / embarrassed.
III. Match the descriptions with the suitable adjectives below. bored sad surprised disappointed happy thrilled tired
1. People feel like this when they hear good news. ______________
2. Some students feel like this when they fail the examinations. ______________
3. People feel like this when nothing interesting is happening. ______________
4. People feel like this after a day of hard working. ______________
5. Some people feel like this when they see old friends again after many years. ______________
6. Some people feel like this when it rains hard in the dry season. ______________
7. People feel like this when they hear bad news. ______________
IV. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.
1. There’s nothing to do here except lie on the beach. I’m really ________. a. confused b. bored
2. She spends a lot of time on her own. I think she’s very ________. a. excited b. lonely
3. I didn’t know anyone at the party, so I felt a little ________. a. uncomfortable b. amazed
4. I’ve got an interview for a new job tomorrow and I’m really ________. a. nervous b. bored
5. Everybody is telling me to do different things. I’m really ________. a. lonely b. confused
6. Phong’s not answering his phone. I’m _______ that something has happened to him.

a. confused b. worried
V. Choose the best adjective to describe each person’s feelings.
1. I didn’t get an invitation to the party. Everyone else did. a. upset b. relieved c. bored
2. My dad decided to sing at my birthday party, but he’s a terrible singer. a. scared b. embarrassed c. depressed
3. My close friend left me and made friends with others. a. jealous b. amused c. excited
4. It was a difficult and important exam, and I passed it. a. confused b. relieved c. exciting
5. I was away from home and I missed my family. a. bored b. nervous c. homesick
6. The shop assistant was very rude to me. a. shocked b. scared c. pleased
7. We lost the match - the other team scored in the last minute. a. nervous b. confused c. disappointed
8. I forgot to give my brother a message, and he missed his friend’s party. a. jealous b. guilty c. delighted
VI. Match the feelings a-h with the sentences 1-8.
a. I was jealous.
b. I was very proud.
c. I was really nervous.
d. I felt quite ashamed.
e. I was very irritated.
f. I was delighted.
g. I was very shocked.
h. I was depressed.
1. My brother used my MP3 player and broke it. __________
2. My friends were bullying me and I felt sad and lonely. __________
3. I was rude to my mother yesterday. __________
4. I had my end-of-term exam last week. __________
5. My friend got a better present than me. __________
6. That car nearly ran over me! __________
7. My parents gave me a tablet for my birthday. __________
8. My teacher said my essay was the best in class. __________
VII. Complete the sentences with an adjective beginning with the initial letter.
1. I was d ___________ when I got my results. I passed, but I thought I’d do better.
2. I was u ___________ when my dad shouted at me.
3. Paula was j ___________ because her parents gave her sister a bigger present.
4. I felt r ___________ to find my wallet in the cafe where I had left it.
5. He’s an a ___________ man. He makes me laugh.

6. David missed his family and his friends. He felt really h ___________ .
7. The children were a ___________ that they had behaved so badly.
8. Brian looks very e ___________ . Has he done something wrong?
9. We were very s ___________ when we saw the accident.
VIII. Complete the sentences with the below. relieved bored suspicious confused ashamed anxious envious upset delighted frightened cross embarrassed
1. Mum will be ___________ when she finds out about the broken vase.
2. We had a(n) ___________ couple of weeks waiting for the test results.
3. All the roads looked the same and he felt thoroughly ___________ .
4. Andrea was ___________ at the chance to go to the Bolshoi ballet.
5. Michelle was very ___________ at having to ask her parents for money.
6. The police were ___________ of Rob because his story did not quite make sense.
7. Susan was ___________ to learn that her mother’s illness was not a serious one.
8. Everyone cries sometimes - it’s nothing to be ___________ of.
9. She’s still deeply ___________ about her uncle’s death.
10. I was ___________ of being left by myself in the house when I was very young.
11. I see people who have opportunities I don’t have, and I get ___________ .
12. Julia soon got ___________ with lying on the beach, and then she took a swim in the sea.
IX. Fill in each blank with the correct adjective. embarrassed excited surprised relaxed afraid interested worried bored angry nervous
I was 1 ___________ before the meeting because there are often problems. But most people were calm
and 2 ___________ . Tom was 3 ___________ because we didn’t ask for his opinion. Linda felt
4___________ because people laughed at her idea. Andy was 5 ___________ and played with his phone.
And Kevin said he wants to play the guitar but he’s 6____________ because he’s 7___________ to make
mistakes. But we’re 8___________ and can’t wait for the party. The teacher’s 9 ___________ too. She’s
10 ___________ because we organised everything with no help.
• Accidents and injuries
X. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. It’s really hard to write because my wrist really burns / cuts / hurts.
2. Paul broke / slipped / injured over on the ice yesterday and injured his leg.
3. Phong fell / injured / sprained his arm at the weekend, so he can’t come to school today.
4. The knife is very sharp. Be careful or you’ll burn / cut / break yourself.
5. Look at this! I cut myself and broke / burned / bled all over my sleeves.
6. I can’t walk very fast because I broke / cut / sprained my ankle yesterday.
7. That cable is very dangerous. Someone might trip / hurt / sprain over it.
8. That kettle is very hot - be careful! Don’t burn / slip / break yourself.
9. I have a few blood / bruises / falls and my arm hurts, but nothing serious.
10. I’ve a pain / burn / sprain in my back and I need to lie down.
XI. Complete the sentences with the words below.

bumped survived injured scratched broke twisted rescued escaped
1. Sue ___________ her ankle and now it’s very swollen.
2. Nam fell out of a tree and ___________ his arm.
3. Only two people ___________ the plane crash.
4. The tree crashed to the ground and ___________ a man walking a dog.
5. The man jumped into the pool and ___________ the drowning girl.
6. Luckily, the family ___________ from the fire.
7. Tom ___________ his leg on some of rose bushes.
8. Ken ___________ his head on a branch.
Vocabulary Builder: Noun formation
XII. Complete the sentences with the noun form of the words in brackets.

1. My friend’s ___________ was due to the death of her grandfather, (sad)
2. I get ___________ out of dancing, (enjoy)
3. The man hid his face to cover his ___________ . (embarrass)
4. Robert accepted the offer without ___________ . (hesitate)
5. The athlete wore his medal with ___________ . (proud)
6. There seems to be some ___________ over the exam dates, (confuse)
7. Some youths commit acts of vandalism out of ___________ . (bored)
8. They thanked Ann for her ___________ . (kind) 1B. Grammar
Past simple (affirmative)
I. Complete the sentences with the negative form of the verbs.

Example: He won a silver medal, but he didn’t win a gold medal.
1. I was happy when Wayne Rooney scored a goal, but I ___________ happy when the referee sent him off.
2. She saw the London Marathon, but she ___________ the New York Marathon.
3. My brother learned to ride a bike but he ___________ to swim.
4. We played volleyball last night. We ___________ basketball.
5. She competed in the London Olympics but she ___________ in the Rio Olympics.
6. I watched the final match of the World Cup 2022, but I ___________ the final in 2018.
II. Complete the sentences with the past simple affirmative form of the verbs in brackets.
1. I ___________ (prefer) going to primary school.
2. They ___________ (enjoy) watching the match last night.
3. You ___________ (teach) me how to play chess. Thank you.
4. We ___________ (leave) home in the morning.
5. I ___________ (like) that film.
6. Our team ___________ (score) a goal in the first half.
7. My sister ___________ (win) the tournament.
8. I ___________ (know) all the answers to the quiz.
III. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

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