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Rất thích tài liệu bên VJ soạn (bám sát chương trình dạy)

Mô tả nội dung:

I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. 1. A. try B. heavy C. fully D. laundry 2. A. machine B. watch C. achieve D. church 3. A. next B. relax C. example D. exercise 4. A. search B. early C. earn D. heart 5. A. cooks B. shops C. kids D. objects
II. Choose the correct option.
1. We (put out/look out) the dustbins when the dustman comes.
2. She spends her day (taking/doing) housework, watching television, reading, and so on.
3. I’m going to clean the (house/home) from top to bottom this weekend.
4. She was at the sink, doing the (cooking/washing-up) after the dinner.
5. Family (routines/bonds) set out how families organize themselves to get things done, spend time together and have fun.
6. People can always find creative ways to (celebrate/watch) birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.
7. She would tell the people joyful things, (wake/cheer) them up, make them happy.
8. Summer time offers lots of opportunities to (save/spend) time together and some good old family bonding.
9. One of the many (benefits/disadvantages) of foreign travel is learning how to cope with the unexpected.
10. School should (encourage/hurt) the full development of a student’s talents.
III. Complete the sentences with the to-infinitive or the bare infinitive form of the verbs in the brackets.
1. He wants a job that will let him__________ (work) outdoors.
2. I saw him __________ (play) the guitar at last year’s farewell party.
3. I’m glad__________ (consider) him my friends and not my enemy.
4. They aren’t allowed__________ (write) in ballpoint at school.
5. I remember having heard you__________ (speak) on that subject.
6. I’ve never been to Singapore, but I hope__________ (visit) it next year.
7. He watched her __________ (walk) down the road until she disappeared into the darkness.
8. He decided__________ (devote) the rest of his life to scientific research.
9. I think you’d better__________ (tell) us why you’re asking these questions.
10. She expects__________ (pay) all her expenses when she has a good job.
IV. Choose the best option A, B, C or D.
1. I was feeling very tired, __________ I still went to football training.

A. for B. and C. so D. yet
2. Chloe and her friends went to the cinema, __________ they didn’t buy any popcorn. A. nevertheless B. however C. but D. and
3. Babies cry all the time, __________ they can get some attention from their mum. A. for B. nor C. so D. or
4. Several players were cut from the team, __________ Owen was one of them. A. and B. so C. yet D. but
5. Charles revealed the proposal to the board of director; __________, they reacted negatively. A. but B. however C. besides D. otherwise
6. She forced herself to go to the cinema; __________, she would grow increasingly depressed at home. A. moreover B. otherwise C. yet D. for
7. Natalie stands out in the crowd, __________ she is almost two meters in height. A. and B. nor C. or D. for
8. Lucas did an amazing job; __________, he just celebrated his 23th birthday. A. moreover B. nor C. but D. yet
9. Viktor was hired as a temporary employee, __________ soon was given a full-time job. A. but B. so C. or D. nor
10. Can you get to our office by 1.30 pm, __________ should I cancel your appointment? A. yet B. and C. for D. or
V. Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B. A B
1. Nelson, do you want to play a game? a. Really? Where is it?
2. Doing housework helps you to learn new b. I don’t know, but my mother is glad whenever things.
I help her to wash the dishes.
3. I live in a town house. Who do you live with? c. Thanks for your compliment.
4. Does your father like the gardening? d. Yes, he loves it.
5. I’m going to the pool. Want to come along?
e. Sorry, I can’t. My mom asked me to help her with cleaning.
6. Do you have a washing machine?
f. It’s not very convenient though.
7. We’re moving to a flat next month.
g. In the supermarket. Sometime online shops.
8. Where do you often go shopping? h. Yes, we do.
9. You look smart in the new uniform. i. What kind of game is it?
10. It’s great to live in the countryside.
j. My parents and younger sister.

VI. Read the passage and choose the best option A, B, C or D.
Most cultures make different types of music. Some music (1)__________ along with religious
ceremonies. (2)__________ music is a part of everyday life. The traditional music made by everyday people is called folk music.
Classical music is a (3)__________ and artistic music that developed in Europe over hundreds of
years. Orchestras, (4) __________ , and chamber ensembles (small groups of musicians) often
perform classical music. Opera is a type of classical music that (5)__________ dramatic singing.
When large numbers of people enjoy a type of music, it is called (6) __________ music. Popular
music is usually shorter and simpler than classical music. People often buy (7)__________ of popular
music or listen to it on the radio. Some of the many types of popular music are rock, (8)__________
, hip-hop and rap, the blues, jazz, and world music. 1. A. goes B. plays C. listens D. sings 2. A. Other B. Different C. Similar D. Familiar 3. A. official B. modern C. formal D. new 4. A. chorus B. choirs C. composers D. conductors 5. A. marks B. represents C. excludes D. features 6. A. ancient B. classical C. folk D. popular 7. A. recorders B. recorded C. recordings D. records 8. A. urban B. country C. suburban D. countryside
VII. Fill in the gaps with no more than 5 words, including the word in brackets.
1. She thinks that I really like smoothie, (keen)
I ______________________ smoothie.
2. You should make a decision about your career, (mind)
You should ______________________ about your career.
3. Two thousand people participated in the marathon last week, (took)
Two thousand people ______________________ the marathon last week.
4. She managed to come home with the broken bike, (succeeded)
She ______________________ home with the broken bike.
5. I don’t like to buy clothing online, (enjoy)
I don’t ______________________ clothing online.
6. You didn’t pay attention to what she was saying, (notice)
You didn’t ______________________ what she was saying.
7. We have a chance of winning a free ticket to the show, (likely)
We are ______________________ a free ticket to the show.
8. The firework exploded in his hand. (went)
The firework ______________________ in his hand.

I. Find the word which has a different stress pattern from the others. 1. A. describe B. predict C. amount D. system 2. A. factory B. condition C. quality D. temperature 3. A. surface B. resource C. weather D. forecast 4. A. evidence B. pollutant C. encourage D. erosion 5. A. uncertainty B. investigate C. manufacture D. severity
II. Supply the correct form of the word in the brackets.
1. The last song of the album is an__________. (instrument)
2. The__________ of this popular song is a young man. (compose)
3. A typical pop group in the 1960s had three __________ and a drummer, (guitar)
4. The concert features dancers, singers and __________ of all nationalities, (music)
5. Some people have called him the greatest __________ of the twentieth century, (entertain)
6. Chris likes music and has a large__________ of albums and music videos, (collect)
7. She was invited to join the orchestra but now appears with them as a __________. (solo)
8. We have studied the treatment of__________ lines in treble and bass separately, (melody)
9. One of the greatest albums in his catalog has only just been released __________. (commercial)
10. At the peak of its__________ in the late nineties, the band sold ten million albums a year, (popular)
III. Complete the sentences in the passive voice.
1. Henderson ate an omelette for lunch.
An omelette __________________________________________________________________
2. My rabbit usually eats the carrots.
The carrots ____________________________________________________________________
3. Nicolas visited the library regularly.
The library ___________________________________________________________________
4. Can that vocalist play a violin?
Can a violin __________________________________________________________________
5. People spent a lot of money on clothes.
A lot of money _________________________________________________________________
6. The lazy boy ignored his alarm clock.
The alarm clock ________________________________________________________________
7. We will be watching movie on next Saturday.
The movie ____________________________________________________________________
8. His family don’t always eat turkey at Christmas.

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