Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 Global success (năm 2023) | Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 mới chuẩn nhất

4.2 K 2.1 K lượt tải
Lớp: Lớp 10
Môn: Tiếng Anh
Dạng: Giáo án
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Bộ giáo án Tiếng anh 10 Global success được cập nhật liên tục trong gói này từ nay đến hết tháng 6/2023.

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REVIEW 1 Lesson 1: Language I. OBJECTIVES
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to: 1. Knowledge
- Review words related to family life, humans and environment, and music;
- Review the pronunciation of the consonant blends /br/, /kr/, /tr/, /gr/, /pr/;
- Apply the knowledge of grammar points learnt in the previous units to do the tasks;
(to-infinitive, bare infinitive, the present simple, the present continuous, the future with will and be going to) - Use the passive voice;
- Use the coordinating conjunctions (and, or, but, so). 2. Core competence
- Develop communication skills and cultural awareness;
- Be collaborative and supportive in pair work and teamwork;
- Actively join in class activities. 3. Personal qualities - Develop self-study skills; II. MATERIALS
- Grade 10 textbook, Review 1 - Language
- Computer connected to the internet
- Projector/ TV/ pictures and cards - Assumptions
Anticipated difficulties Solutions
- Students may find the lesson boring due to a - Encourage students to work in pairs, in groups
large number of language exercises.
so that they can help each other.
- Design as many exercises as games as possible.
- Provide feedback and help if necessary.

- Some students will excessively talk in the - Define expectation in explicit detail. class.
- Have excessively talkative students practise.
- Continue to define expectations in small chunks (before every activity). Board Plan Date of teaching REVIEW 1 Lesson 1: Language * WARM-UP: Finding keywords Pronunciation
Task 1: Listen and write the words in the correct columns. Vocabulary
Task 1: Match the two parts to make complete sentences.
Task 2: Complete the sentences. Grammar
Task 1: Complete the sentences.
Task 2: Complete the sentences.
Task 3: Match the two parts to make complete sentences. * CONSOLIDATION III. PROCEDURES Notes:
In each activity, each step will be represented as following: * Deliver the task ** Implement the task *** Discuss **** Give comments or feedback

Stage Stage aim Procedure Interacti Tim on e WARM-UP
To lead in the GAME: FINDING KEYWORDS 3 lesson.
* Teacher shows 3 sets of pictures (taken from Project lessons of T-S mins
Unit 1-2-3) and asks students to find a keyword for each set of pictures. S
** Students raise hands to answer. T-S
*** Teacher and students discuss the answers. T-S
**** Teacher checks the answers as a class. Set 1: Family life/family
Set 2: Humans and the environment/ go green/ green lifestyle/ living green

Set 3: Traditional music/music PRONUNCIATI To check if
students can COLUMNS. THEN PRACTISE SAYING THE WORDS. (p. 38) mins identify
* Teacher writes /br/, /gr/, /kr/, /pr/ and /tr/ on the board. T-S consonant
- Teacher writes one word containing the consonant blend below blends and each of them. provide
- Teacher asks students to listen and write down the words further containing the sound blends. S pronunciatio
** Students do the task by writing the words in a suitable column. T-S n practice.
*** Teacher can invite some pairs of students to read aloud. T-S
**** Teacher checks students’ pronunciation and gives feedback.

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